On Easter Monday the wet weather continued, we only had one dry day in the week!

Water, water, everywhere ..
(running-off into the canal)

We stopped off at Market Bosworth for water. We were looking to replace a gas bottle and so popped into Bosworth Marina. It’s well equipped and the staff were very friendly. We not only picked up gas but also had a pump-out. Unlike most quayside pump-out facilities their machine is powerful and is not time-limited. We therefore managed to clear out a lot of “gunge”. Unfortunately, the cafĂ© was closed after a recent fire.

Easter egg

We found a duck's egg on service pontoon - must be Easter.

As we left the marina we followed the 72ft ex-working boat Beaulieu (3 ft 6 draft) to Congerstone. Even with the canal full of water it struggled a little to moor up.

We finally moored up at Shackestone and the rain abated. The towpaths at Shackestone were very muddy, but we decided to walk around the village. This included a visit to the church and afternoon tea at the station. 

Midland Railway Insignia

Tea Room

We did however notice that the river had reached the top of the arches of the Shackerstone Aqueduct. 

Shackerstone Aqueduct

At the station saddle tank Cumbria was still on duty but there were only a few hardy passengers – notably granddads with their grandsons.

Cumbria filling-up with water

Returning to Albert I got our refurbished satellite system working (Freesat) in time to watch our favourite Monday night quiz shows (Only Connect and University Challenge).