Bank Holiday trip to Great Linford

On May 28th we took our friends from Queensland, John and Diane Harden on a short trip to Great Linford. They were staying in England for a couple of weeks and wanted to see the canals again. John reckoned that this was his fourth boating trip with us. We can certainly count three on Albert and I think John also came for a trip on on our first boat. 

The day started misty and damped but the weather improved as the day wore on. We had booked a lunch at The Black Horse at Great Linford. They did us proud with the food and service being good.



Approaching Cosgrove

John and Maggie operating Cosgrove Lock

Crossing the River Ouse via the Iron Trunk

Woods near Wolverton

Black House Great Linford

At the pub on a busy Bank Holiday

Photos courtesy of John Harden (mostly).