The Lensbury, Teddington

We kept Albert on the The Lensbury moorings ahead of the October half-term school holidays. The location worked out well for us but the specific moorings we were allocated, the so-called steamer landing was required for a visiting trip boat on Saturday October 13th. Since we needed to move Albert along to another berth we decided to take her out for a short trip to Kingston.

Albert on the Lensbury Steamer Landing

The steamer moorings included water and electricity supply and we really very good except for one feature. Like many moorings there are trees around. Trees in autumn mean leaves, which is not usually a problem, but in this case they also meant bird droppings. Now bird droppings can be a nuisance but when they come from parakeets then they are trouble. A tree just a little away from the boat appeared to be a nesting site and the tree directly above the stern was a favourite roosting site. From what was deposited all over the stern in large clumps, their diet appeared to consist largely of berries.   

Albert under a tarpaulin 

The offending rose-ringed parakeets by their nest

As a result of the parakeet guano deposited on the roof, we put a tarpaulin over the worst effected area. On the Saturday I spent quite some time scrubbing. Luckily most of it came off cleanly but it did some did damage to a small area of the rear hatch. Albert attacked by aliens! 

Sailing on the Kingston reach

Rowing on the Kingston reach

The weather was bright and dry for our short trip to Kingston and back but the breeze was strong which was great for the sailors but not easy for mooring when we returned to The Lensbury. We had to go around failing to come in cleanly on our first attempt.

Turks steamer using the steamer landing 
(and being blown off-shore)