Bradford on Avon

Albert in Bradford on Avon lock, December 2003

Boat in Bradford on Avon Lock, January 2019

The other weekend, well January 19/20th to be precise, we stayed with our extended family at Woolley Grange near Bradford on Avon to celebrate Maggie's 70th. We chose the location because we wanted  a luxury hotel and to have all the family around. It's not the best time of the year to have a birthday because you can't rely on the weather and the Saturday of the weekend was no exception.

Now regular readers (are there any?) and friends will know that Bradford on Avon means quite a bit to us having purchased Albert from Bradford in late 2003. We spent some time in Bradford on Avon Marina during the winter of 2003 waiting for the stoppages to be lifted so we could bring Albert up the Thames, Oxford Canal and Grand Union to Yardley Gobion.

Lock Inn Cafe, Bradford on Avon
(Note the sign related to Brexit)

A wet Lock Inn Cafe

One of the pleasures of boating around Bradford over 15 years ago was visiting the wonderful Dick & Jane's lock-side cafe with its quirky surroundings and wholesome food. We just had to visit there again on the Saturday - on an impulse .

Now you may remember that we had particularly heavy rain on the Saturday, but in a break in the rain we trudged down to the canal to find Dick and Jane's (a.k.a the Lock Inn Cafe) is still very much as before. The only problem we had was our large family group couldn't easily fit into main rooms which were busy with loads of other families. We had to eat outside under and awning fitted with space heaters because the rain started again. Not the best situation, but then we should have booked! However, its good to know the cafe still popular - long may it be so.

I have to point out that Sunday's weather was was much better and over the weekend we made full use of the hotel's brilliant facilities (spa and pool). Just a pity we didn't arrange to have better weather on the Saturday!