On Friday last week the weather was glorious and warm. It was change over day at the Alverchurch Boat base (ABC Leisure) and a group of boats arrived ready for their next clients. It was also a busy period for their crane. A new boat arrived at the marina for launching and two other boats were craned in.

Boats being craned at Gayton Marina

The journey down the 13 locks took around a couple of hours. Most of the locks at the top were set in our favour and as we approached the bottom of the flight we began to find boats coming up. It appeared from their stories that overnight some of the pounds had been left dry and a group of boats moored up by the M1. A CRT employee was working on one on the gates and repairing a step. Whilst chatting he mentioned the likelihood of restrictions being placed on the flight due to water shortage - probably closing the locks after 3:00 PM. With the little rain we have had recently that sounds sensible.

On the Northampton Flight

One of the lift bridges on the flight (always left open)

Passing under the M1

On the flight there is now some art including mosaics, but under the motorway there is mural that caught my eye. It it includes reference to all the major events that have happened in Northampton - the last being the 1998 floods. I have vivid recollections of  the floods since our village was effected and Towcester was inundated the day before the waters reached Northampton.

Depiction of the Northampton Floods

We paused for a cuppa at the bottom of the flight and then made our way gingerly though the reedy section towards Hunsbury and Northampton. A fair few boats were on the move enjoying the unseasonably warm holiday weather.


Carlsberg Brewery

We got to Northampton in the early afternoon and moored up for the night at the well equipped Northampton Marina. We once again visited Les Olives Tapas Restaurant in the town where we had a great meal, complete with musical accompaniment - the Spanish guitarist was brilliant.

Les Olives