Irthlingborough and Earls Barton

On the 27th and 28th and May we continued retracing our steps heading home to Yardley Gobion. On the Monday (Bank Holiday), our intention was to have a short day. We covered little ground and moved from Woodford to Irthlingborough. While we were on the move the weather continued warm and pleasant

Maggie trying her hand at a Manual Lock (Upper Ringstead)

We tried mooring up on the Friends of the River Nene moorings at Stanwick Lakes but unfortunately we were too deep drafted (or to put it another way the moorings were too shallow). Either way we failed to moor up so we moved on to the familiar ex-Rushden & Diamonds moorings. 

Irthlingborough Lock

In the afternoon we walked over to Stanwick Lakes which was busy with families enjoying the sun. As we left we had a rain shower and got wet since we failed to take any wet weather gear with us. However, being warm it wasn't too unpleasant.

The next mooring there was a lot of low cloud be it stayed dry for most of the day and we travelled up to Wellingborough for lunch and then on to New Mills Marina for an overnight mooring.

Fishing Heron


Dark clouds near Wollaston

As we approached White Mills Lock our friend Edward passed over us in a Sky Arrow aircraft. He is part of a syndicate and is building up to getting his PPL. He saw moving boats (but not ours) and he was little more than a black shape against a grey sky. But having said that, a rendezvous between a narrow-boat and an aircraft is pretty unusual.

Sky Arrow passing over Albert

We moored up on the visitor moorings at White Mills for the night. Unfortunately the Boat House cafe is closed on Tuesdays.

Moored up at White Mills again

Almost as soon as we arrived we were befriended by another thirsty racing pigeon. It was also a bit peckish so we fed it some duck food we keep on board. The markings of this bird were particularly attractive -  under its wings were bright flashes of red and its neck was iridescent. 

Another off-course racing pigeon.