Braunston trips

Braunston Tunnel

Today we met up with our friends Juliet and Mike Peet at Braunston.But before that we took on water at Norton Junction and met fellow bloggers No Problem who were travelling to the Fens with Moore2Life. Had a good chat over the water tap, obviously the modern equivalent of the village pump.

We had a good trip through Braunston Tunnel and met up with the Peets at the top lock. Got down the flight quickly with lots of boats coming up including two boats with twenty four small scouts, or at least they said they had when they started! Mike spent some time taking videos of the action; we look forward to posting some of the footage.

We moored up near the Millhouse and went for a late lunch. Steve then cooked up a plan to take a late afternoon trip and bring the Peets back to their car which was in the pub car park. We went up the North Oxford to the outskirts of Hillmorton and then turned round and came back. It was a pleasant trip made exciting by heavy showers.

We then had another meal at the Millhouse; they did well out of us.