Norton Junction

Daisy on board


A day of sunshine and very heavy showers. We got to Weedon and the heavens opened and we had lightning! Steve got wet. We had earlier stopped at Furnace Wharf for fuel, coal and a pump out. After the rain stopped we saw a kingfisher. After lunch at Brockhall, where the trees were just breaking bud, we had an enjoyable trip up Whilton locks with Morning Mist, although the gusty wind made waiting in the pounds difficult.

Went to the New Inn for a drink in the evening; we can't pass this way without calling in. Maggie had half of Old Rosie which turns out to be not only the most expensive half they serve, but at 7.5% it is also the strongest! Steve had his usual pint of Frog Island. So what of Daisy? She gets more familiar with the boat every day but still does not like the noise of the engine and hides under the sofa when it starts.