It did rain last night (Monday 28/7) after lots of lightning but little thunder. This morning (Tuesday 29/7) was fresh and clear but we had a short shower at lunchtime.

So what of our journey? We went up the Marsworth flight with Splendid from Wyvern Shipping. Good to have help with locks. They stopped for lunch at the Grand Junction Arms at Bulborne and we continued.

Going up Marsworth Flight

The Tring Summit was interesting and quiet. We only passed one boat going the other way. Near the southern end we heard and then saw a jet-engined model aircraft. It looked a little like the ill-fated DH101, but that probably betrays my age. BW contractors were cutting grass. We had seen their evidence in the canal all the way from Slapton, but we actually saw some of the action along the Tring Cutting. An operative was blowing the grass cuttings into the cut using a two-stroke blower! He was also trying to damage his hearing by not using ear defenders. What sense is there in putting cuttings into the cut to rot when they could so easily be composted. Albert collected a fine crop of hay around her bows. Good job the prop remained clear. Somebody we passed yesterday was not so lucky.

Tring Cutting

Grass Cuttings

The journey down the locks to Berkhamsted was pleasant and quiet. At the first Gas Lock we found a young duckling separated from its mother on the otherside of the lock. We were urged by some local youths to help but try as we may we couldn't retrieve it.

We have moored up in the park at Berkhamsted. Early this evening we walked around the town visiting the places that Maggie's mother, Mollie, recalls from her time here in the 1930s and 40s. Although much has changed and her house was demolished some time ago, it was encouraging to find that much that she remembered still remained.