Kings Langley

On Tuesday (29/7) we left our mooring by the park in Berkhamsted at about 9:30. The weather started warm but cloudy. Steve was disappointed to find that the Welcome to the Port of Berkhamsted sign was missing from Bridge 141.

Berkhamsted Totem Pole

We decided to pick up water at Old Mill and were just on the point of leaving when two boats passed us. It looked like we might have a day of filling locks as we followed them, but one of the boats, NB Sheherezade, moored up near Bourne End and we spent most of the day going down locks with the other boat, NB Muddy Walters (from Kent). They were not only great company but, because they moored at Watford , they knew the locks and the canal well.

Unfortunately the swing bridge at Winkwell was being serviced. As a result we missed the opportunity (fun) of stopping the road traffic because a contractor operated it for us.

Swing Bridge at Winkwell

The weather got hotter and hotter as the day progressed and so we by late afternoon we were quite “rosy”. Muddy Walters stopped in Apsley but we continued down to Kings Langley where we found some shady moorings by a fishing lake. In the end we did eighteen locks.

An evening walk down to the lock revealed that NB Banstead was moored up there.

NB Bansted