To Stretton (26 March)

We picked up water by the Stop House and on passing the Millhouse found Granny Buttons moored up. This time Andrew was definitely not on board. His Twitter post told me that he was weekending up to Streethay.

Granny Buttons at Braunston

Again it was another windy day, but it was also chilly. It was particularly difficult navigating around Hillmorton Top Lock where one single-handed boater had just given up trying to moor on the upwind side of the canal and was waiting on the lock moorings for the wind to subside!

We lunched just below Hillmorton Bottom Lock and had a relatively quiet trip through Rugby. We went through Newbold Tunnel and for the first time saw its pretty coloured lighting. The boat behind us turned off its tunnel light to enjoy the experience. As a result they became just a dark profile in the "light at the end of the tunnel". Not a particularly good idea.

Newbold Tunnel Coloured Lighting

We moored up just before Stretton, and given how few boats we had seen on the move, we were amazed by how many other boats had decided to moor up there. We got into a gap between boats with the friendly help of a neighbour and with only a few inches to spare.