To Atherstone (27 March)

A windy cold day with occasional showers of hailstones!

We left Stretton before nine with blue skies but with the same old wind. Because there are no locks along this section the wind was not a particular problem and it was very quiet. We saw no boats moving until we reached Hawksbury Junction. However, the hail came down twice just before the junction. At Sutton Stop we came up behind Strumble, a Stowe Hill tug who was travelling from Coventry and waved us pass. We stopped near Marston Junction for lunch and watched Strumble negotiate the turn onto the Ashby Canal.

The trip through Nuneaton was uneventful. Along the Coventry Canal BW appear to have really got to grips with tree pruning. Its a good advert for the "veg pledge". It is so much better, particularly in high winds, not having to watch out for overhanging trees while negotiating bridge holes. The only problem with Nuneaton is the large amount of plastic litter, on the bank and in the canal.

The trip through Hartshill was pleasant but cold. Just by the yard at Hartshill we saw Nans Gamp. She was built by Peter Nicholls boat at the same time as our first boat Bertie (1991). She was moored at Gayton Junction until recently.

We moored up at Atherstone Top Lock and for the first time this trip we got a 3G mobile Internet connection; hence, four days worth of posting today. To bad the television reception didn't match.