To Anderton (4 April)

Left our mooring above Middlewich, Kings Lock and went down the locks that skirt the town. There are lots of visitor moorings below the Three Locks. Next time we come this way we will look for moorings there. They are probably quieter (traffic noise) than the moorings by Kings Lock. We came down past Andersen Boats and passed a hire boat crew being instructed in lock operation at the bottom lock. It was impressive to note that they had two people carrying out the instructing, one on the bank covering lock operation, and the other on board looking after boat handling.

We picked up water at the disused BW yard and then tackled the Middlewich Big Lock. It was strange to cope with a wide lock, our first since leaving Braunston.

Middlewich Big Lock

The weather was fine and blustery as we left the town and the canal followed the valley of the River Dane. The section from Middlewich to Broken Cross is absolutely delightful. What's more it has a selection of excellent visitor moorings which are complete with rings. Just by Bridge 176 there is a really good picnic site and mooring on the offside which has some picnic tables and barbecue facilities.

Billinge Green Flash

We went through the flashes where BW once sank unwanted boats. Only one wreck appears visible. It looks like a token, or a gravestone for the rest of the fleet.

The weather got colder and windier as we approached Wincham so we moored up for lunch in a sheltered spot by Wincham Brook.

Brunner Mond factory straddling the Trent & Mersey canal at Wincham

As we passed the Lion Salt Works museum, the last salt factory to use use traditional brine evaporation, we noticed that they had a banner advertising that they were in the Restoration competition.

Lion Salt Works

We moored up for the night at Anderton on the 48 hour moorings and visited the Anderton Lift visitor centre. The whole experience of the lift and exhibition is impressive. Last time we visited Anderton, 2001, the visitors centre was not yet complete.

Anderton Lift in operation

We watched the trip boat, Edwin Clark, go down the lift and narrowboat come up. Very interesting to watch the process. Tomorrow we participate in the experience by going down the lift to the River Weaver. Should be fun.

Entrance to the Anderton Lift and Brunner Mond Chemical Works at night