To Middlewich (3 April)

We left Hassall Green this morning and visited Lock 57, this time in its guise as a canal-side shop. We needed some provisions and a calor gas bottle. They are well stocked and have everything a passing boater should need, including windlasses (I am sure many are lost on Heatbreak Hill) and special toilet paper for chemical toilets.

As we picked up the gas bottle the locks suddenly got busy with three boats coming past. We followed them all the way to Wheelock. Yesterday's sunshine had been replaced by mist which gradually rose throughout the day.

Maggie working one of the Hassall Green lower locks and BW carrying out maintenance on the other with the M6 in the background

Icebreaker Shackleton near Ettily Heath

The journey to Middlewich was relatively uneventful - we arrived around 4.00PM and moored up on the visitor moorings just above Kings Lock. We walked around the town and found that it has loads of fast food outlets from Fish & Chips to Balti and Chinese and sadly lots of litter as a result. Tomorrow we go to Anderton. We have booked our trip down the lift onto the River Weaver for Sunday.