Great Linford

Yes, we are on the move at last! You should be able to follow our progress via Google Latitude. We have just added the widget/badge to the blog.

We are taking a week's trip to Aylesbury. We left Yardley Gobion late this afternoon and, in very pleasant sunshine, we made our way south to Great Linford. As we left Brian and Irene O'Neill from NB Rangitoto, who moor next to us in Kingfisher Marina, were getting their boat ready for the winter. The O'Neill's spend their UK summers boating and their UK winters back home in New Zealand.

We passed the new marina at Cosgrove (Thrupp Marina). It is finished but still stanked off. It opens on October 1st.

We hope to get to Marsworth by Thursday to pick up our friends Anne & Edward Winter. The plan is to take them down the Aylesbury Arm and back. On the way we will have clean up Albert - she has a good coating of dust, lots of spider's webs and the odd lump of "guano".