Thrupp Again

On Wednesday we moved Albert from under the railway bridge by Enslow Marina to Thrupp with the intention of going on to the Thames on Thursday. Just before we turned Albert in the winding hole at Enslow we noted that an unoccupied boat had broken away from its moorings (pins) and was across the cut. A crew going south spent some time retrieving it and making it secure. Unfortunately, as we left Enslow and waved to the resident moorers at the marina, in the distance we could see that the errant boat had once again broken away from its moorings. This time just as a boat going north was passing! Both they and us were travelling slowly - it must be very soft ground there. Obviously not a good place to moor on pins.

We again moored up on the 7 day moorings by the cottages in Thrupp and just had to visit The Boat for dinner. Up to its usual high standard. This time I had a couple of pints of AlePril Fool. As the editor of Private Eye used to say - geddit! A very tasty dark brew.

On Thursday we had to move Albert onto the 14 day moorings at Thrupp and return briefly to Teddington by car. We plan to be on the Thames at the weekend. No stream warnings at the moment - let's hope it lasts.