IWA First Bulletin

I have just purchased a copy, a first edition, of Robert Aickman's The River Runs Uphill; I intend to review it at some stage. However, I was immediately struck by a fact that leapt out of a page - that Aickman records that the first IWA bulletin carried an obitury for a member Montagu Aubery Lloyd (Aickman's spelling). Aickman reports that Lloyd died after his cruiser sank on the Gloucester & Berkeley canal. He did of course, but this was after his boat had been repaired and his crew had travelled very close to their home on the Thames. The book was completed by Montague's daughter-in-law Ann who accompanied him on his voyage.

I reviewed the book which records the Lloyd family's epic voyage back in November 2007. Aickman considered that this was the first inland cruising book to be published post foundation of the IWA. In Aickman's list of the Associations early books is the classic Flower of Gloster and Bonthron's My Holidays on the Inland Waterways, both of which I own.