Snow & Ice at Kingfisher Marina

Yesterday we walked from our village through the snow to the marina at Yardley Gobion. We had over a foot of snow over the weekend and temperatures have been regularly down to - 8 deg C at night and not above zero during the day. One night saw -10 deg C. The ice is well and truly set in along the canal with some snow settled on top of it.

Views from Bridge 60

When we boarded Albert she just didn't rock - it was if she was set in concrete.

Solid ice with some snow on top

The snow on the boats is very impressive, you can hardly recognise which boat is which.

Spot your boat!

A boat moored next to Albert, Jenny Wren, has the whole cabin side covered with snow with the snow extending onto staging. The patterns on the fore and aft fenders, and mooring lines are amazing.

Continous Snow

There's a pigeon box under there!

Stern fenders and snow drifts

Earlier in the winter I left a convector heater in the engine room set to a frost setting. It is probably used quite a bit of electricity by now but hopefully it will be worth it when we come to the thaw; a spring thaw as in 1962/3? Who knows! Certainly no Christmas cruising this year.