New Year's Walk near Cosgrove

For New Year's day, which was cloudy and relatively mild - particularly given the recent arctic weather, we took a walk near home along the River Ouse at Stony Stratford.

We started at Wolverton Mill and took one of the Ouse Valley walks but instead of following the river we crossed the bridge north towards Cosgrove heading in the general direction of the Grand Union aqueduct and the famous Iron Trunk. We visited the area below the aqueduct two year's ago when we posted about the "mock" lock that has been erected by the Milton Keynes Parks Trust near the river to indicate the original course of the canal and its river-level crossing. This year we were on the other bank. The original line of the canal is somewhat obscured by trees but it is still visible.

Former line of the Grand Junction alongside the aqueduct at Cosgrove

We followed the line of the former flight of locks up to the "modern" Cosgrove Lock. The boater wire sculpture looks impressive close up.

Boatman Sculpture - Cosgrove Lock

We then walked along the Buckingham Arm. The first part is in water and acts as a small basin. The ice was begining to melt and looked milky.

Grand Union Buckingham Arm - watered section

After what was the first bridge on the arm it is no longer in water. The footpath along the dry canal acts as public footpath to Old Stratford.

Grand Union Buckingham Arm - dry section

We walked along it for about a mile before we diverted across a field (very muddy) to the River Ouse where the modern A5 crosses. Unable to cross the river at this point, we then walked upstream along the river bank to the original Watling Street crossing before making our way back downstream to Wolverton Mill. A good new circular walk but around an area that is very familiar to us.