River Vltava, Prague

Last weekend I was in Prague for a conference. Most of the time was spent indoors but because I arrived on Friday afternoon I was able to walk through the city and down to the Charles Bridge. Tourists were thronging the area in the late afternoon sun. It was very pleasant.

Charles Bridge and the River Vltava
A couple enjoying the last of the days sunshine on the Charles Bridge

Restaurant and weir 
Note the fisherman standing in a punt just below the wei

As I walked across the bridge I could help observing the boat traffic - always a boater? Various small trip boats and pedalos were moving around in circles underneath the arches of the bridge.  Occasionally a larger boat arrived and negotiated the lock just upstream. 

Pedalos and trip boats on the River Vltava

Weir and bridge protection
Just as I was about to return to the conference hotel because the sun was finally setting a large paddle steamer came into view and passed under the bridge. It was the eponymous Vltava one of only two such paddle steamers still operating in Prague. Built in 1940, she looked magnificent as she passed under the arches of the bridged and turned just below the weir.

PS Vltava
Note the three rudders visible in the lower picture