Today the weather, which has been improving, finally gave us a warm spring day and cloudless skies. It was time to put on the shorts for the first time this trip! We left for Blackburn with NB Ellie May. The trip through Clayton Le Moors, Church and Rishton in warm sunny weather with good views across the Calder Valley was enjoyable. There were no locks but were three swing bridges. One was straightforward but one was stuck and required extra muscle and leverage with a  timber. At Fosters Swing Bridge a large bag was floating under the bridge. It was labelled as a fall breaking device and took quite an effort to get of the canal. Just around the corner there were another six similar bags moored up at a boatyard. We told the yard owner about the bag around the corner. His response was that they were not his, he had just found them floating down the canal.
Looking towards Pendle Hill from near Rishton

Boating in the sun - at last

Leeds & Liverpool Canal Half Way Point

Lines in the Sky
Contrails and Power Lines

Daisyfield Mill, Blackburn

We arrived in Blackburn in the early afternoon and moored up at Eanam Wharf which is convenient for the city centre. We spent the afternoon investigating Blackburn Market. The range of fresh produce available was impressive. Tomorrow, on our way to Wigan we go down the locks with NB Ellie May.