Johnson's Hillock, Wheelton

In the end on Wednesday we left Blackburn with NB Bees Knees and NB Ellie May followed us with another boat, Anna . The six locks below Eanam Mill were not that easy to operate. The first four leaked quite badly and Albert being 60 ft I got soaked. We were also low on water so we stopped at Nova Scotia Wharf (after lock four) at the water point and Ellie May and Anna overtook us.

Unfortunately, a dead dog was floating in the pound among some rubbish. I pulled it out and some sympathetic local workers disposed of the carcass. The fifth lock down the flight not only had water surcharging over the gates but it also flowed over the lock side. There must have been something amiss, but we shall never know what.

Ivy Leaved Toadflax on the canal bank, Eanam Wharf

Eanam Wharf, Blackburn

Too much water! Blackburn Locks

Unusual gate mechanism, Blackburn Flight

Nova Scotia Wharf, Blackburn

Below the lock the canal was filthy. There was so much jetsam. However, as we left Blackburn the canal became cleaner and the scenery became delightful. The canal made its way through some leafy woods towards Chorley.

Rubbish in the Canal at Blackburn

Near Feniscowles

Fallen Tree

We stopped overnight at Wheelton at the top of the delightfully named Johnsons Hillock Locks. The locks look out over some pretty rolling countryside, as the name suggests, and the moorings are alongside a CAMRA pub. We ate there (steak and ale casserole) and had a game of Scrabble. The warm weather had brought out lots of walkers, cyclists, and motor bikers, not to mention locals, enjoying the evening sun. They were doing a roaring trade.