Today, Thursday, we got to the top of the Wigan Flight ready to tackle the flight of 21 locks. Pearson states " if there is a more gruelling flight of locks in the country, it does not spring readily to mind". However, that is for tomorrow, what of today?
The Top Lock Inn, Johnson's Hillock Locks

Entering the bottom lock, Johnson's Hillocks Flight

Walton Summit, Lancaster Canal (left) and Johnson's Hillock Bottom Lock

About to crane out a widebeam boat at Botany Bay Wharf, Chorley

The wonderful warm weather continued and we enjoyed some delightful boating through Chorley and Addlington. Chorley is a particularly significant place since I was born there.

The Johnson's Hillocks Locks were as expected, leaky, but they are in a delightful location and I have got used to getting wet as we descend. One lock side was also leaky and that caught me out sending a jet of water into the engine room - the side doors were open.

We stopped for a pump out and diesel at White Bear Marina. The fuel delivery system - based on a credit card reader and self-service was quite different from other marinas. We enjoyed there take-away sandwiches - made to order and delivered to the boat.

This evening we went down the flight to Ince to do some shopping. Many of the lock pounds were dry. Lets hope we have some more water in the morning. After a hot days boating the BW showers at the top of the flight were put to good use.