Bradley Green, Atherstone

On Bank Holiday Tuesday (that's a novelty) we travelled through Hopwas, Tamworth and Alvecote to the bottom of the Atherstone flight. It was dry but pretty chilly. There were no delays at Glascote Locks and we lunched at Alvecote Priory. We moored up just before the anticipated rain arrived. We went down Atherstone Locks in the rain, we didn't fancy another cold and wet session going up. Let's hope tomorrow morning we can have some dry weather.

NB Kenneth at Glascote Locks 
This interesting boat, which is styled as a butty, has a forward mounted engine and an hydraulic drive to the prop

Laplander moored up at Alvercote Marina

On our way passed Polesworth we looked at the field which on our way out had just been prepared and had ridges. Now the potato crop was growing strongly. I couldn't photo exactly the same view, because we didn't moor up, but the difference is striking.

Field at Polesworth June 5th 2012

Field at Polesworth April 20th 2012

The expected rain arrived and we lit the coal fire again (June !).