The weather forecast was for a bright start followed by heavy rain. As a result we got off to a prompt start and immediately went up the Atherstone Flight. There were a number of boats coming down the flight leaving the locks set for us. I noticed that a number of boats were Russell Newbery powered. It appears that there is a RN Rally at Alvecote at the end of this week. We stopped half way up the flight for water and a trip to the local shops. We then continued up the flight passing more RN boats coming down.

Atherstone Flight

Threatening Skies over Marston Junction
(Ashby Canal left and Coventry ahead)

Just after we left Atherstone Top Lock the first rain shower arrived. The showers got heavier and longer as the afternoon went on. By the time we reached Hawkesbury Junction it was seriously wet. It was quite busy and we had to pause for oncoming boats at several bridge holes along the section through Hartshill and Nuneaton.

Hawkesbury Junction (Sutton Stop) Lock

At Hawkesbury Junction there was a gap in the heavy showers and we negotiated the 180 degree turn onto the Oxford Canal. With nobody but a couple of smokers outside the Greyhound watching I managed to carry out my best turn yet. Albert pivoted around the middle of the bridge and I didn't have to select reverse at all. The problem is, I will now have to do it just as well next time. 

We moored up at Ansty on the visitor moorings after a helpful "neighbour" moved up a few feet to let us in.