Its June and its raining heavily; the wind is picking up with gales forecast for tomorrow and we lit the coal fire this afternoon.

June and we have the fire on (again)!

Because heavy rain was forecast for later in the day, we left Ansty early (8:00) and made our way south. The early light rain gave way to heavy cloud in the morning. I decided the snap the bridges over the original Brindley "Loops" as we went down the straights. The elegant bridges have such beautiful curves. 

Horseley Iron Works Bridges, North Oxford Canal

We had some slightly tricky boating through Rugby because it was very busy and the boat in front of us appeared to have bad luck meeting oncoming boats at bridges on bends. Hillmorton Locks were busy, but boats were moving freely because both sets of the duplicate locks were in operation (presumably because water restrictions have been lifted) and BW had a volunteer on duty at the top of the flight. The rain started in earnest again as we got to Barby and it was a relief to find a good mooring in Braunston and get dry. We are now definitely back in our familiar boating territory. Home at the weekend.