Grindley Brook

Today the weather was brighter and we had sunny periods but the wind made it quite cold. We left our moorings and travelled through Baddiley Locks just behind a small single-handed cabin cruiser. Just before Wrenbury we went through our first Llangollen lift bridge (hydraulic mechanism). We operated it and the Kinnings on Blue Pearl followed.

Blue Pearl passing under the first lift bridge on the Llangollen Canal (no. 19)
At Wrenbury we went through the electrically operated bridge by the wharf. Quite tricky negotiating the oblique entrance to the bridge with the wind. Blue Pearl again followed and a Black Prince hire boat went through in the other direction.

Negotiating Wrenbury Lift Bridge

We moored up for lunch near Quoisley Lock. After lunch we passed through Willey Moor Lock. Back in 1999, when travelling south through the lock, we noticed a boat moored up outside the Willey Moor Lock pub that was full of steam with a kettle on the hob. It looked like the crew had made a snap decision to go to the pub instead of having a cup of tea. Our friend Edward went into the pub to seek out the crew and said "Is there anybody here from a boat who left a ket..." he never finished the sentence before a women shot out through the door!

The Willey Moor Lock Inn
Grindley Brook was very quiet by usual standards. Last time we passed up the flight there was considerable aggravation which wasn't helped by no lock keeper being on duty. This time was plain sailing. Most boats were going up the staircase which made it very simple. Both boats took on water at the top lock and we moored up for the day.
Looking down from Albert towards Blue Pearl in the Grindley Brook Staircase
Maggie taking Albert up the Grindley Brook Staircase

Albert's bows enveloped in water from leaking gates
Steve operating Grindley Brook Top Lock