It was again dry, windy and very cold as we left Grindley Brook on Wednesday morning. There were lots of dog walkers around the first lift bridge of the day at Whitchurch.

Blue Pearl going through the lift bridge at Whitchurch
More bridges followed and we took turns with the Kinnings to operate them. The wind blew particularly strongly as we crossed Whixall and Bettisfield Mosses. It was at this point that Albert first left England (for Wales of course). We took lunch at Bettisfield. After lunch we carried on towards Ellesmere passing the various meres around the town. There were quite a few hire boats around, presumably because of the Easter holidays.
Cole Mere, Ellesmere
Blake Mere
We passed the various meres around Ellesmere. Great places for a walk but not with an arctic wind!
Ellesmere tunnel caused some trouble despite its short length (87 yards). The flow of water, narrow bore and Albert's deep draught caused her to run along the tunnel wall despite all my efforts. It also required quite some power.
Leaving Ellesmere Tunnel
We moored up for the night in the short arm that runs down towards the town. Blue Pearl and Albert took the last two places. Since we last came the derelict dairy has gone to be replaced by a Tesco. We were moored up right outside so we took on provisions. We had no mobile and no mobile Internet signal which is strange considering that we were moored up in the centre of the town. 


End of Arm mooring at Ellesmere
In the evening Maggie & I explored the town and went down to the mere, that is Ellesmere. The sun was setting and the wind was making it quite choppy, as well as cold.
The mere, Ellesmere