Lydney Canal and Harbour

Lydney Harbour

A few weeks ago we visited some friends who live near Chepstow and visited Lydney Harbour on the shores of the River Severn. The harbour offers some superb views across the estuary. In sight are the two Severn crossings, the famous Berkeley Castle, two nuclear power stations with reactors in various stages of decommision ( Berkeley and Oldbury), and the docks at Sharpness Docks.

View towards Sharpness Docks
The docks are to the right and the white building on the left marks the entrance to the Gloucester & Sharpness Canal

Berkeley Nuclear Power Station
The outline of the castle can just be seen between the two reactor buildings

The harbour, completed in 1821, has a small basin but it was an important port for the transportation of  iron and coal from the Forest of Dean. Some of these goods would have found their way along the Stroudwater to the Thames and Severn Canals to London. Wood, particularly hardwood, was imported into Lydney for the plywood factory which was just inland. 

Remains of a Severn Trow

As at Purton across the estuary, several Severn trows were beached along the sea wall to provide protection from erosion. We observed some of the discarded trows during our trip along the Gloucester and Sharpness Canal in 2011.

Lydney Docks
Old photo of Lydney Harbour from showing a line of  beached trows

Behind the harbour, as can be seen on the picture above, lies the one mile long Lydney Canal which was opened in 1813 and linked inland to Pidock's Canal and various tramways and railways. It now provides moorings for yachts. The plywood factory is to the top right of the picture which was taken in 1957.