Alde Sorted

The housing supporting the control knob on our Alde Compact 2930 failed. I purchased another casing but whilst fitting it I found that the all-important micro switch that controls the ignition had also given up the ghost (a technical term?) and the control knob was very stiff. Wary of getting out of my depth (metaphorically speaking) I called in JIMMS who has helped us out before.

Offending micro switch and new casing

Jim arrived on Saturday and fitted a new micro switch and freed up the plunger on the main control valve. All no w working well. I can recommend JIMMS.

Whilst Jim Paker (aka JIMMS) was with Albert he described a recent problem he attended on behalf of RCR. It turned out to be a very serious cause of prop-fouling that caused Maffi lots of problems. He also described a follow-on incident that befell a CRT tug and hopper.