Heads On!

On Tuesday we picked up Albert from Sandling Wharf on Blisworth Arm with all the work completed. Phil Lizius had turned her around in the wind hole just above the Northampton Arm Top Lock. She sounds much more crisp now. As we left Phil gave me a memento - a lump of carbon from behind the valve seat on the number one cylinder.

As with our journey up we were helped by Geoff & Shirley Emmins. Too bad the weather wasn't better - a mixture of sunshine and showers and some of the showers were heavy. We had a very quiet trip with no other boats moving. Blisworth tunnel was, as expected, very wet and we got drenched. Geoff steered all the way through.

We were met at Stoke Top Lock by Kathryn Dodington from Leo No. 2 who lives close by the museum. We discussed the scaffolding that was being erected outside the museum so they can carry out repairs to the roof. It causes quite an obstruction, good job it is a quiet time of the year for visitors. We moored up for lunch close to NB Matilda Rose (a.k.a Contented Souls) in the Long Pound. I see that Contented Souls are keen to point out the effects of the new mooring restrictions; think they might have a point.

By mid-afternoon Albert was back on her berth at Kingfisher Marina. The only problem now is the Alde on Albert is now playing up. The control knob mounting is broken and the main valve is stiff. It happened just as we left Blisworth Arm. I think the latter problem might have caused the former.I will have to get it sorted soon.