Music Night at The Hollybush Inn, Denford

I posted on Thursday about our trip down the Caldon to Denford. Since then we have been out of mobile internet range and unable to post updates.

Being on the moorings outside the Hollybush Inn, naturally we sampled their fare. Whilst we were eating two tasty goulashes and enjoying a cider and an ale, the band started arriving began to set up. Unlike our last visit, when two music acts arrived at the same time, this time only one arrived. It consisted of the classic rock band set up of two guitars, bass guitar and drums. They did an impromptu sound check that ended abruptly which appeared promising so we decided not to return to the boat and wait and see what unfolded. It was a very good decision! They started with Clapton and Hendrix and move on through Johnny Cash to ZZ Top. What a great two hours of music - full of improvisation! They were an ad hoc band of local musicians who for the night were called "Free Entertainment". They were all well known to the locals who soaked it up. They kept us royally entertained until closing and we returned to Albert with our ears ringing. What a well run and friendly pub - no wonder it is popular.

Enjoy this sample!