Autumn Back of the Map Cruise

Some retrospective posting since we have had problems with connectivity and also timing.

We left Aston Marina on Wednesday, October 1st, to take Albert back home to Yardley Gobion. We have enjoyed our six months summer mooring. Leaving just after lunch, we got to Tixall Wide (where else) in good time. Our timing was especially good since, although we left in sunshine, it soon clouded over and rained just as we closed our hatches. Passing by us in the rain, and mooring up just behind us was the very pink (or should it be cerise) “Thursday’s Child” owned by Brian Holmes who writes for Narrowboat World.

Thursday's Child at Tixall Wide

The “Back of the Map” is a reference to the Dudley and Stourbridge Canals – obviously we are not going straight home. It was what they were referred to by working boatmen.