Thursday morning at Tixall Wide was gloomy and there was mist over the water, however the weather improved as the day progressed.

Misty at Tixall Wide

We stopped at Midland Chandlers for supplies (oil) and lunch. The staff were busy stacking shelves for their “bumper” sale on Friday. Another narrow boat Albert arrived and moored up behind us they were planning to buy a cooker. We had a good discussion about boat names and how to restore some of their paintwork which had been varnished and was now unfortunately crazed masking some fine signwriting.
Staffs & Worcester Turnover Bridge near Milford

Deptmore Lock
Interesting vegetation at Acton Trussell

Penkridge was busy. We paused for water and Maggie walked into the town for supplies and reported what a good stopping off point it was.

Penkridge Lock

We saw a kingfisher along the noisy stretch by the M6. It got quite close and at one point it flew right over the cabin roof. Although I had my camera to hand there was no chance of getting a good shot.

Sunset at Brick Kiln Lock

We moored up just below Gailey Lock and I carried out an engine oil change. The sunset made our view of the lock spectacular. I was going to make a post that evening but unfortunately I couldn’t get a good enough mobile internet signal.