Eel Pie Island

We visited our family in Teddington on Friday. With the wonderfully unseasonable weather we visited Twickenham for their children's Halloween celebrations and couldn't resist a walk in the sunshine along the embankment near Eel Pie Island - Boating, Jazz and Rock & Roll memorabilia.

The tide was low but there was sufficient water for some boat movements. We started by looking at the interpretation board erected to recall Eel Pie Island's unique place in popular culture - the Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, Cyril Davis, Rod Stewart, David Bowie and Ronnie Wood performed here early in their careers. I have posted about the island in the past when I reviewed the excellent book by Dan Van der Vat and Michele Whitby. 

Eel Pie Island Interpretation Board - looking across to the island

There are lots of historic details about the island on the island's web site including a facsimile of the board.

Thames Tug Teddington - moored at Twickenham

Moored up along the embankment was the tug Teddington which we last saw moored up just below Teddington Lock. As we strolled along towards the island bridge a very smart boat arrived at the wharf and dropped off some passengers. We couldn't resist a chat.

Motor Boat Windrush 46 at Twickenham

She was the Windrush 46, formerly the Thames Water Authority's flagship inspection launch which was built in 1989 and used for civic and Royal Occasions. When used by The Queen she was accompanied by liveried Queens Watermen. She is now available for private hire. The owner, who lives locally invited us aboard. She has a steel hull and is beautifully appointed and lined in teak. The twin six-cylinder Mermaid engines evidently give her a good turn of speed. I was shown their very neat installations.

Windrush awaiting passengers

 I took as short stroll across the bridge onto the island which is packed with interesting properties.

Lion Boathouse

It looked like the Lion Boathouse, which is clad in corrugated iron and decorated with enamel signs, was for sale. It appears that the old boathouse hides a luxury modern house that has four double-bedrooms and is on the market for  around £2m. As the estate agents details state "As to be expected from Eel Pie Island nothing is quite as it appears, and with Lion Boathouse the same holds true."