Updated Images of Albert and Gauges

When Albert's paintwork was refreshed a few a years ago, I used the moorings at Stoke Bruerne Bottom Lock to take some photographs. Now we have had a full repaint, and we visited the Bottom Lock on a day with reasonable weather, yesterday, I took the opportunity to repeat the exercise.

You can see that I concentrated on the stern and our new signwriting.

Albert at Stoke Bruerne Bottom Lock

Engine doors open

Engine doors closed

Long-lens view with stern doors closed

We find it useful to have both an oil pressure gauge and a water temperature gauge visible from the tiller. Below is an image of our new water temperature gauge and the old polished oil pressure gauge, both mounted in our pigeon box. We previously had a Smiths water temperature, obtained via eBay and a low price, but it did not match the existing oil pressure gauge (black face) and it also behaved erratically. The new water temperature, obtained from a vintage car accessories distributor is in Fahrenheit to "match" the Imperial units (psi) of the oil pressure gauge. It is interesting that the Fahrenheit version of the gauge is more sensitive than the Celsius version. This in handy since the engine (Ruston & Hornsby 2YWM) runs relatively cool compared with automobile engines.

Polished gauges (shame about the skylights!)