To Tixall Wide (30 March)

We are now at are favourite mooring at Tixall. We couldn't pass Great Heywood without taking a small diversion down the Staffs & Worcester Canal to moor up overnight in the wide. When we moor up here in the summer it usually very busy, but today we were only the third boat moored here. We selected a spot where we had good views of both Tixall Gatehouse and Shugborough Hall. The birdlife is typically good and we have seen grebes. A neighbouring boater, braving the elements in the well deck of his boat, commented to Maggie that he just seen a swallow. Brave bird!

Tixall Wide and Gatehouse

Tixall Wide

The journey up the Trent and Mersey from Fradley was also relatively quiet. The last time we went through Colwick Lock we queued for around two hours. It was so long that Edward Winter finished his sudoko while waiting. This time at Colwich we just met a boat coming the other direction and went straight through.

The weather was meant to be cloudy and mild. Well it appeared the forecasters got cloudy correct but it was far from mild. Let's hope the warmer weather forecast for the end of the week actually happens.