To Fradley (29 March)

Last night, Saturday, it was so cold we saw a gritting lorry operating in Fazeley. Woke on Sunday morning to bright sunshine and waited to meet up with Maggie's brother, who was passing through on his way to Solihull. As a result we managed to get some of Albert's brass polished and chatted with some "neighbours" - got to keep the towpath telegraph working. We met the crew from Chi-Cheemaun who blog and also read Albert's blog. They appeared to have got WiFi just along the towpath from us but all we could get was GPRS.

Taking on Water at Fazeley Junction

We took on water at the BW offices and then had a great cruise through Hopwas in the spring sunshine. The wood anemones carpeted the military area in the wood. They were spectacular.

Wood Anemones in Hopwas Wood

A Sunken Boat near Whittington

Fradley Junction on a Sunny Sunday Afternoon in Spring

The junction at Fradley was busy with walkers, bikers, drinkers and boaters.

Negotiating the Bridge at Shadehouse Top Lock (and we didn't touch!)

We tried mooring up on the visitor moorings just above Shadehouse Top Lock but they were full. In the end we found a good mooring just before Woodend Lock. We had great views of the sunset and saw the new moon.