Cruise Ships, Tall Ships and a link to Canals

We left St Anthony Head last Friday and travelled home to Northants.

Before we left we found that the cruise ship Albatros had arrived over night and was moored up at Carrick Roads near St Mawes castle.

Cruise ship Albatros

On our journey through St Austell we diverted to visit the historic port of Charlestown. Since we last visited the harbour in 2003 the area around the port has been developed. The tourist attraction is much bigger and there are several more restaurants.

Charlestown Harbour in 2003 with Kaskelot, Earl of Pembroke, and Phoenix

Earl of Pembroke and Phoenix in Charlestown Harbour in 2003

The port is the base for the Square Sail Company who operate their squared-rigged vessels from the port. They are mostly used for television and the movies. In 2003 all three of their vessels were in port but there was no explanantion of their history.

Kaskelot in Charlestown Harbour in 2009

This time just the three-masted barque Kaskelot was in port but she was open to visitors for a small fee. It was fascinating investigating her. She was laid down the year I was born, 1947, and spent her early life around Greenland. Her hull is in oak, but has some steel plating on her bows to protect her from ice. An interesting addition to her rigging are baggywrinkles. They are made from old frayed rope and are to protect the sails and movable rigging from rubbing against the fixed rigging.

Foremast of the Kaskelot (showing a baggywrinkle on the right of the picture)

Bows of the Kaskelot

What is the connection with canals? Well all the ships owned by square sail have all visited Gloucester Docks using the Gloucester and Sharpness Canal.