On Saturday, we left Norton Junction promptly in the morning and took on water above Buckby Top Lock. It was at this point I remembered to mount our tunnel light. I did this and even checked that it was working. The new footpath improvements along the section to Braunston tunnel are much better and there are even some good mooring points. The trip through the tunnel was eventful. It was smoky as we entered the tunnel and as it normally takes some time for your eyes to get accustomed we carried on some time before I realised that the tunnel light wasn’t working! We stopped, not a pleasant experience, but clambering onto the deck in front of the cratch board with a torch, I found that the electrical connector was not fully tight. A quick twist brought the light on. Just as well that our navigation lights were on.
The civil engineering going on at the northern tunnel portal is very impressive but it makes navigation tricky. They appear to be trying to sort out several other problems along the cutting. It has always been a wet area. Improving the drainage all along the cutting should help. Let’s hope the towpath improves. It has always been very wet and muddy.

Braunston Tunnel Landslip Works

The Braunston flight was quite busy with several groups of young people coming up. We moored up by the road bridge just before The Millhouse and waited for the mobile engineer to arrive to fix the Alde.

Braunston flight in the Spring

Jim Packer from JIMMS arrived within 30 minutes. He diagnosed the problem, defunct thermostat /burner fouled-up/ broken control knob. Being so close to Midland Chandlers, we popped down the road and bought the parts. Another hour and we were on our way. Great service, can recommend it.

Moored up at Braunston

We had a very pleasant trip to Flecknoe and moored up at one of our favourite spots by bridge 102. Andy passed on Khayamanzi and we talked about blogs, Facebook, teaching and where he was travelling all as he passed us by!

Tried to blog but only miserable GPRS. Not worth even trying!