National Geographic Confusion

Just read Granny Buttons blog on the National Geographic canal articles. Andrew quotes my December blog on the 1940 article on British canals.

Andrew points out, quite correctly, that I was mistaken on the lineage of the author/photographer of the 1940s article, Amos Burg. I mistakenly referred to him as being born in Britain. Amos was, as Andrew points out, born in Portland, Oregon. This is what comes of reading two articles in short succession and getting confused - must be age! You see I bought both the 1940 and 1974 editions together.

It was the author of the 1974 article Bryan Hodgson who was born in Britain! I have edited my December blog to remove the error.

Andrew wondered if I might scan and post the whole article. Well probably is the answer, but it will have to wait until time permits.