Autumn Cruise South

We left Yardley Gobion on Saturday travelling south along the Grand Union. Our aim is to get to the Wendover Arm. The weather was warm (for October) and windy. We filled up at Baxter's with diesel and gas and had a pump out. As with buses the wharf was quiet until we arrived and then there were three of us.

This trip allowed us to test our revised gas central heating system - we have an extra radiator in the saloon area to provide better heat distribution.

New saloon radiator

There appears to be a good number of Wyvern Shipping boats out for half-term or a long weekend. Unfortunately, the first we met us at Cosgrove Lock, who was travelling alone, managed to ignore us as we approached the lock, close the gates, and then empty the lock in front of us - all why we were in full view less than 50 yards away. So much for water shortages! I should point out that all the other Wyvern boats we have met so far this trip have not behaved like this.

We moored up overnight at Great Linford close to Stantonbury Abbey. Had a good chat with an angler who was pitched close by.

Great Linford

Today we had a good trip through Milton Keynes and moored up at Old Linslade another favourite local mooring when water levels are resonable. We went up Stoke Hammond and Soulbury (three) Locks with a friendly Wyvern crew flying the French flag. The wind made navigation interesting at times. We visited the church of St Mary just as the sun set.

St Mary's Church, Old Linslade

Good trip so far. Great to be on the move.