Staying Put

Our immediate aim, on our 2012 Northern Cruise has been to get to Leeds. However, with the New Junction Canal closed over the weekend and the early part of this week, because of flooding in the Don Valley, we decided to stay put at Staniland. We were in company with NB Lockhart and the widebeam Tamora. Monday saw a complete change in the weather and we all set about washing using the marina launderette. We strung a line up between posts and it was dry in a jiffy.

Wash Day in Thorne

Yesterday we left for home by train since we have commitments in the South. We will continue northwards next week when hopefully river levels have dropped. We notice that the River Trent at Newark is now closed because the flood gates are in operation. Our little group that moved down river on Saturday were lucky to get this far. It was certainly a good move since I can't imagine levels dropping that quickly on the Trent with its huge catchment.