In Tandem to Tixall

Yesterday the weather was still blustery but it was bright and we only got the odd, very light, shower. The pair of boats, Albert & Ginette, left our mooring at Burston about 9:00 and we ran into a queue at our first lock - Sandon. It appears that there had been a stoppage with CRT working on the Babby that protects the lock cill (at least that's what they call the device on the Oxford Canal). The stoppage wasn't lifted until 8 o'clock and 6 boats were in a queue by the time we arrived.

David, Ginette and the new Babby

We got through Sandon lock by 11 o'clock but found a short queue at Weston lock and a shorter one at Hoo Mill lock. David & Rosemary were getting more confident with Ginette although some aspects of locking "needed further work". We took lunch on the move (from supplies purchased at Aston Marina). Another chance to add a boatman's lunch photo.

A Boatman's Lunch

We turned at Great Haywood junction, crossed the River Trent and moored up at Tixall around 2:30. Thanks to NB Lowen who moved along the moorings, Albert &amp Ginette managed to moor up next to each other at one of the broadest part of the wide. 

We walked into Shugborough Estate in the afternoon. Although the house and museum were closed, the tea room and gardens were open.  We explored the Great Yew. It has a 30 metre span!

David at the Great Yew, Shugborough (just part!)

Inside the Giant Yew

As we left Shugborough and crossed the wonderful Essex Pack-horse Bridge we watched dogs swimming in the River Trent. They were having a great time chasing plastic water bottles.

Dogs in the River Trent
Heron fishing at the weir, River Trent, Great Haywood

We popped into Great Haywood at ate at the Clifford Arms. Again good value food. Later, on board Albert, we introduced Rosemary and David to the delights of the epic domino game Chicken Scratch.