After Friday night at the Black Lion, Consall, on Saturday morning we meandered back towards Etruria. The weather was cloudy but again thankfully dry. Alistair and Sue from Blue Roan were keen to explore the Leek Arm. We were also keen but felt that it would take a little too long to enable us to get back to Stone on Monday. We decided to leave that delight to another time.

The trip up through Cheddleton was pleasant with some sun peeping through the clouds. We stopped for lunch at Hazelhurst Junction at the top of the flight.

NB Blue Roan turning down the Leek Arm Hazelhurst Junction

Just as Blue Roan left us to go down the Leek Arm Maggie was reading a Pearson's guide when she dropped her rimless glasses into the canal. Now we have failed ton recover windlasses with our strong magnet so I was not too optimistic about recovering the glasses with a sweep net. But hey presto! - she felt them after about six sweeps and recovered them unharmed. She then told me cost of the lenses! 

Glasses recovered from the canal

We stopped for water at Endon and chatted to some canoeists. It turned out one was from Northampton. Going down the Stockton Brook flight I notice numerous interesting mason's marks and couldn't resist photographing them.

Various mason's marks - Stockton Brook Locks

We moored up for the night by one of the lift bridges near Milton. There was a lovely sunset and yet again I noticed a sun dog just before sunset.

Afternoon sun at Milton, Caldon Canal

Late afternoon sun and a sun dog 
(just to the left of the tree on the right of the picture)

"Red sky at night", Milton, Caldon Canal