Another Blog Milestone

Albert's blog has just passed the 100,000 site visits mark since I started the web counter back in November 2006. Albert's readership isn't particularly large compared to some blogs, but monitoring readership gives me comfort to know that what I write is, occasionally, read.

A blog milestone

I get the impression that the number of waterways related blogs may have peaked and blog readership may not be growing as rapidly as when I reported that the Albert site had broken the 50,000 landmark in February 2012. With on-line forums and social media being so convenient they appear to be taking centre stage and blogging is not quite what it used to be. However, because blogging is akin to publishing, I like the medium and I have no intention of giving up posting or migrating to another format. Maybe I have invested too much in it to change?

Our site has been part of the UK Waterways Sites ranking since 2009. It has rarely reached above the 30s in the ranking and it has mostly resides in the 40s, as today. The UK Waterways Sites ranking system, which by no means covers all bloggers on waterways subjects, now has 112 participants whereas it had 143 back in 2012. There are currently 71 blogs in the rankings but there were 90 back in 2012, indicating perhaps the declining popularity of the medium or perhaps just the ranking system. Albert is today sitting at 21 in the blogs' list after my recent posts.

Many thanks readers, wherever and whoever you are.