On Friday the weather was miserable. We left Bradley Green in the rain and it rained nearly all day. It was a long day's cruising to Fradley Junction, over 8 hours, but nearly all straightforward. We arrived at Glascote Locks around midday and found that a number of Boaters Christian Fellowship, including Halfie, were moored up for a local Easter celebration event. As usual there was a delay at Glascote because the locks are slow filling. It was sad to see the closed Steve Hudson yard.

BCF boats at Glascote
(Easter meeting)

Closed SM Hudson Yard, Glascote

By lunchtime were reached Fazeley Juction but kept moving. The showers became steady rain as we travelled through Hopwas and it was miserable. My spirits were improved a little because, as in previous years, at this time of year the floor of the woods were covered in wood anemone.

Wood anemone in Hopwas Woods

We moved on through Whittington and Hudlesford and eventually we called it a day just before the junction at Fradley. As were moored up NB Morphius passed us. They are going up the Trent & Mersey as well.