Yesterday, we left our overnight mooring just below Bosley Locks. There was a bit of an early morning rush and before you knew it we were third in a line of five boats going up the locks. Although it was sunny there was a stiff breeze that lasted all day. As one steerer going south noted, "a good day for sailing".

Moored up at Bosley with The Cloud behind
Operating Bosley Locks

I was being helpful and assisted a single-handed boat going south. The male steerer noted to Maggie "Your husband was so kind I could marry him!" 

Around Fools Knook (Oakgrove) a group of buzzards were taking advantage of the wind and put on a wonderful display of aerobatics. We were prepared for some "fun" at the electrically operated swing bridge since opening it can cause traffic to back up onto the A523. Last time we passed this way we caused a lot of aggravation opening the bridge because it was school-run time and traffic backed-up quickly. This time the crew of a boat going south were in control and four boats passed through in one session. One Land Rover driver did, however, manage to moan.

Oakgrove Wharf

We made fair progress and pressed on to Gurnett Aqueduct for lunch. The only problem with pausing there was the rings are very badly placed and we had to resort to pins and trying to get pins into a modern concrete-lined bank can be frustrating. I did eventually manage it and without bending a pin.

After lunch we moved a little way to through Macclesfield to Bollington where we moored up for the night on the embankment close to the magnificent Clarence Mill. 

Former Hovis Mill, Macclesfield

Moored on the Embankment, Bollington

Bollington is a delightful village and we took some time to explore it. We didn't, however, climb the hill to have a close look at  White Nancy the memorial to the Battle of Waterloo. It has been given a facelift in time for the bicentenary celebrations

White Nancy above Bollington

Moored in front us was the Wool Boat who featured recently in Waterways World. Maggie bought some llama wool for baby knitting.

Wool Boat and Clarence Mill

In the evening we eat at the excellent Lime Tree Restaurant. It was only half-way through the meal that we realised that we had enjoyed meals at their sister restaurant in West Didsbury about 18 years ago!