Harecastle & Etruria

It was gloomy this morning as we left Ramsdell, but at least it didn't rain today. We made our way steadily towards Harecastle Tunnel and joined the queue waiting for the one-way passage south. Recently, because of safety issues, they have started checking boat horns and lights. Because we were the last of four going south we pulled over to the tunnel keeper's office for the checks and soon found that our horn didn't work. It eventually made a strangled squeak but that wan't good enough for an emergency warning so we were loaned an air horn.

Emerging from Harecastle Tunnel

Because we were delayed entering the tunnel we had a good clear run through. It was slightly less gloomy as we emerged from the tunnel into Stoke.

Moored up outside Middleport Pottery (Burleigh)

We stopped at Middleport Pottery for lunch in their cafe, a visit to their excellent museum and a session in the factory shop (Burleigh). The pottery has recently received a grant from the Princes Regeneration Trust. Since our last visit it has turned into a  great visitor attraction. The site was full of young children with bears for a teddy bear's picnic.

Fun tea-pot lights in the Middleport Pottery Cafe

We stopped for the night at Etruria outside the Industrial Museum with the wind getting up and it turning quite cold. The stove was called into action again (and it is June).

Taking on water at the CRT Etruria Wharf