Shugborough and our Significant Day

So we are moored up on Tixall Wide, and therefore we must visit the Shugborough Estate, but why is today significant? Forty five years ago today we were married in Solihull Parish Church. 

A day of just relaxing and enjoying ourselves was called for. As Maggie put it "today we are doing retirement".

Our Anniversary Selfie

We visited the Shugborough Estate. Although the house and farm were closed, it being a Tuesday, we enjoyed the gardens, the tea room (for lunch), and the National Trust Shop. This was followed by a stroll around Great Haywood visiting Haywood Cliffs  and a visit to the Lockhouse Tea Rooms for afternoon tea.

A mighty Spanish chestnut

Fresh new yellow growth on the Yew trees contrasting with the lavender

A bee forages on lavender

Rare breeds on the island

Cornflowers with marigolds

Chinese Pavilion

A lovely day!